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Islamic Culture. Western writers and a large group of Oriental scholars have influenced the idea that Islamic culture originated from its earlier cultures, especially the Greek and Roman cultures, and since the Arab mindset has transformed the old elements into its new style, it has changed its exteriority.

Considering the nature of the individual culture. Because of this perspective, the people of this class are looking for Islamic culture within the Persians, Babylonians, Simonian, Pharisees, Egyptian and Greek and Roman cultures. Then the mentality that has been arranged by these cultures with its own well-being. And It has its own style. Arabs find the element of mentality in nature.

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Islamic Culture

Misconceptions About Islamic Culture:

This kind of a serious misconception of such a culture. Because, although it is true that the present age of man is always influenced by the past, and because of every new form, help is obtained from the previous structure. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that Islamic culture is completely Islamic in its vitality and fundamental elements and there is no effect of any un-Islamic culture. Of course, there is some impact on Arab scriptures, Arab traditions, and previous and later cultures on the outline of the outline. One aspect of the building is its design.

Constructional Strategy of Islamic Culture

Islamic Culture its construction strategy, purpose and its development in accordance with that purpose. This is his original and original thing. Another aspect is its color, its variation, its artwork and its beauty, it is its nuances and shortcomings.

So, considering the original and basic things, it is seen that the Islamic culture is completely the result of the creation of Islam. Its design is its own Help was not taken from any other design. His construction technique was invented by his own, in this case, no other sample was imitated. Its construction objective is completely unique and fancy. This purpose no other building was built earlier, nor was it later.

Objective of Islamic Culture

Likewise, the kind of structure that was needed to achieve this objective, Islamic culture has been shaped just like that. Anything that he has built for this purpose, does not have any other engineer, or any other reform-ability, and no attachment to it. The rest have the details and minor issues.

About this, Islam has received very few things from other cultures. It may even be said that most of the Islamic Culture itself is its own thing. However, the Muslims have increased the prosperity of this region with the help of different cultures from different colors, diversity, artistry, and beauty. And it has become so popular in view of the viewers that they are attempting to impersonate imitation on the whole building.

Definition of Culture:

If you want to resolve this issue, you should first get the answer to the question: What is culture?

People think that culture means the knowledge of a nation – science, literary philosophy, industrial-tech, fame, social custom, life system, state policy etc. But in reality, these are not the real-life forms of culture, its results, and outward manifestations.

Islamic Culture Roots are not the main and the root of the tree, its branches, and the letters-Leaves are only. The value of any culture cannot be determined on the basis of these external signs and shells. So, apart from these, we need to reach the life of the culture. It is necessary to search for its original features and basic elements.

The Basic Elements Of Culture

In this view, the first thing to look for in a culture is to find out that,


  • What is his idea about worldly life?
  • How does he dignify people in this world?
  • What is the world body in his eyes?
  • What is the relation of human relations with this world?
  • How will people enjoy this world?

In fact, these questions regarding life-philosophy are so important that they are deeply influenced by the copper and tambourine of human life. When this philosophy changes, the whole form of culture changes basically.


The second question that deeply engages in life with philosophy is that it is the ultimate goal of life.

  • What is the purpose of human life in the world?
  • So much of the system, so much effort, so labor-intensive, so much conflict-struggle for what?
  • Should people run on a targeted goal?
  • To reach a goal, is the duty of Adam’s child to do the trick?
  • Any consequence should be remembered by every effort, every attempt, and effort of the people?

In fact, the question of these goals and desires is determined and controlled by the real life of people. And the manner in which he is pursuing the way of life and the way of Success is pursued.


The third question is,

  • What is the basis of humanity based on the concept of any basic belief and meditation?
  • Does it make the minds of the minds of the mind?
  • What kind of thoughts are created in the human mind and brain?
  • And does it have the functional strength within it, which motivates humans to have a special kind of real life in terms of its purpose?

There is no dispute in this regard that man’s energy is influenced by his thinking power. The consciousness that makes his hands and feet active, comes from his mind and his brain. Islamic Culture And who believes in belief, thinking, meditation, his mind, and his brain, his whole energy will be activated under his influence.

In other words, his mind-body will be formed in the mold, the emotion and feeling of desire and desire will be exactly the same. Under his command, his organs will continue to work. In fact, no culture of the world can be established without a basic creed and a basic thought.

As such, any culture must understand. And to evaluate it, first of all, its creed and thought needs to be measured and the excellence of perception is measured. It is necessary to know the depth and determination of the buildings, such as the determination and stability of the buildings.


The fourth question is,

  • what kind of culture does people develop as a human being?
  • That is, what kind of moral training does he create for the people to live a healthy life according to their own ideals?
  • What kind of nature, sincerity and mind-mentality do they try to develop and develop in human beings?
  • What kind of people do people become through their special moral training?

Though the real purpose of culture is to reconstruct the business of society, but it is the society’s monument created by the person’s material. And the firmness and durability of that monument depends on the exact cut of each of its stones. Each brick has become ripe. Each solid wood is solid. There is no use of wood in the woods, and there is no use of weak and weak materials anywhere.


The fifth subject of the discussion is that,

  • In the context of the different situations in the culture, how is the relationship between humans?

  • What kind of relationships have with humans, their neighbors, their neighbors, their friends, people living with her, with her subordinate people. And with her people, followers of her own culture, and those outside her culture?
  • What rights has he been given to other people and the rights of other people?
  • What are some limitations made to him?
  • Even though he was given the power, how much has been given to the rule of the Imam and how far has he been arrested?
  • In fact, all these issues come from moral character, socialism, law, politics and international relations. And what kind of culture can be known from what constitutes human society, society, and state?

We have come to know from the above discussion that this object is called the Sangsana, which consists of five basic elements:

  1. The idea of worldly life.
  2. The ultimate goal of life.
  3. Basic beliefs and thoughts.
  4. Individual training and
  5. Social system

Islamic Culture and Traditions. Every culture in the world is composed of these five basic elements. Needless to say that the Islamic culture has also been created by combining these elements.

No prominent idea about life has been established on a particular life goal and a fundamental belief and thought, and how this has made them different from the world’s other cultures as a special kind of culture. We will publish detailed discussions about all issues. We will gradually discuss in detail about the above five issues.

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