Attention: Does Muslim Celebrate Christmas??

Does Muslim Celebrates Christmas or any other Non-Islamic Festivals?? We’re often get these type of questions in our email. Perhaps it is a very crucial time for Islam Religion and also for those who are following this Religion. Today we’re going to discuss about the rules & Regulations about celebrating Non-Islamic festivals.

Assalamu Alaikum my dear Muslim Brothers and Sister. I am very happy and honored to get a chance to write about today’s topic. Today I am going to discuss about something very sensitive issue. Because nowadays we are ignoring the basic differences between Muslim and rest of the humans around the world.

But this is very shameful for Muslim Community that some of our brothers and sisters taking part in different festivals of other religion. Which is strictly forbidden in our religion. Yes, I hope you understood the topic I am going to discuss today. To be more Specific today we actually focus on Does Muslim Celebrate Christmas? We will discuss Some other Non-Muslim Festival Also.


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Prohibition of Celebrating Non-Islamic Festivals in Islam

Allah The Almighty has given us the most beautiful religion. He has also given us festivals to celebrate our happiness with other Muslims. Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, Hajj are the most significant and joyful festival for Muslim Community. This festival gives us the chance to celebrate our happiness, to worship Allah. But celebrating festivals of other religion is strictly prohibited for Muslims. There are several Hadiths available, such as,

Anas Ibn Malik (ra) narrated: “The Prophet SAW came to Madinah during two days in which they played (celebrated Festivals). The Prophet SAW asked: What are these two days? They said: These are two days we used to play in (Celebrate), during the time of Ignorance. The Prophet SAW said: Allah has replaced them with two better days, Eid Al-Adha and Eid Al-Fitr.” [Abu Dawood, Ahmad, and Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani]

So, in this hadith, it is very clear that the Prophet SAW did not allow to participate other religious festivals and celebrations. Because It was a tradition of the pagan Arabs of Medina. Instead, he told them that: “Allah has replaced them”.

If we put a close look to the narration then we can easily see that, the Prophet Muhammad SAW did not allow his companions to celebrate and participate on these days since it was part of another religion.

Does Muslim can celebrate Non-Muslim Festivals?

So, the sovereign ranges to the celebration of all holidays with religious circumstances, as well as Christmas, Diwali, Festival of Color, Holi, and Halloween. It is strictly prohibited to join in the celebration of any such festivals, even it has lost its religious consequences. This is for the reason that its origins are in shirk, and as Muslims, we cannot deify shirk. If we do such a thing then we will be no different than the non-Muslims. This is why Muslims should be very aware of these sensitive activities. Muslims should always ask mercy to keep them away from such satanic inspiration.


Does Muslim Celebrate Christmas?

Does Muslim Celebrate Christmas: Christmas is the most celebrated festival of Christianity. Christian people celebrate this festival with different types of joyful events. It is nowadays celebrated other Non-Muslims too. As well as some Muslims celebrate this festival.

For referring to the topic “Does Muslim Celebrate Christmas” it is important to know something about this. In Christianity, Jesus is regarded as the Son of God and Marry as Holy Mother. Whereas Muslims understands Jesus as Isa (Alaihis Salaam) as a Prophet and Mariam is His Mother. He has no father because Allah put a miracle on his birth.

Regarding “Does Muslim Celebrate Christmas” Quran contains some information about this. As Quran has the straight statement about this, then the celebration regarding Jesus Christ or Marry is also Prohibited in the way Christians celebrate. So, Muslims are not allowed to celebrate this Christmas in any way. There is no evidence or indication to celebrate this Christmas in Quran or Hadith. Whereas the law about everything is discussed in this two divine books for Muslims.

But Isa Alaihis Salaam and Mariam have great significance in Islam. To understand the significance of them, Allah sent a whole surah on Mariam, Surah-Mariam. Allah said in this Surah,

“That is Isa, the Son of Mariam- the Word of Truth About Which They are in Dispute” [Quran 19:34]


Does Muslim Celebrates Birthdays?

There is no specific indication about “Do Muslim Celebrates Birthdays”. But Most of the Non-Western Muslims are tend to not celebrating this type of events. Because it is an extra event, unnecessary events, unnecessary waste of money and valuable time. But there is something about this type of events I want to share with you. There are some Hadiths regarding a term “Bidayat” which is very much inspired not to practice.

The foundation of Bidayat is, events those were Muhammad SAW performed, Muslim should try to perform and take part of them. But those events which weren’t performed by Muhammad SAW is not inspired to Practice. And Rasul Muhammad SAW inspired also not to perform any such kind of events which are not performed by Him. So, from this illustration, we can easily see that there is no specific indication about celebrating Birthdays, But It is strongly inspired not to take part in such types events or celebrations.


Does Muslim Allowed Celebrate Holi?

First of all, I want to clear some confusion about this specific festival of Non-Muslim. There is a misconception about Holi, people keep asking that, is colors or powder colors used during Holi, is it prohibited in Islam. No, using color or powder color is not prohibited in Islam. Because colors are not related to any specific festival. Colors or powder colors can be used in different types of need. Colors have some qualities to make things better. So, using color or powder color is not restricted to Islam.

Now coming to the question “Does Muslim Allowed to Celebrate Holi”.

Before that, we should know what Holi is? Holi is a festival mostly celebrated in India and this a festival of Hinduism. Hindu people celebrate this festival. As well as some other part of the world this festival celebrated as “Festival of Color”.

Yes!! Celebrating Holi is strictly prohibited in Islam. Because Holi is the Festival which celebrated by Hindu or Non-Muslim. Because the foundation of Holi Festival is related to Hinduism which is against the Islam. This is why Celebrating Holi is marked as Haram for Muslim.

Finishing words Regarding “Do Muslim are allowed to Celebrate Non-Muslim Festivals”

So, we are at the end of this article. After concentrating on above information, we can easily understand that Muslims are not allowed to celebrate any of the Non-Muslim festivals. Does Muslim celebrate Christmas, the question is also cleared I presume. If you read the article very carefully then you can understand Islamic Rules about celebrating Non-Muslim Festivals.

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