Fasting During Ramadan: The Basic Requirements of Ramadan

What are the basic requirements of performing Fasting During Ramadan?

I have been thinking about this question for quiet sometime. I read a lot of documents regarding this topic and learned a lot about it. Because Islam Religion gives solution for anything you need to know In this worldPerhaps I might not be the only one who is discussing this online, but I am pretty sure that you will find something here what you aren’t going to find anywhere else.cLet’s dig in,

According to the history of fasting, Muslims fast till the dawn of dusk in the month of Holy Ramadan. Ramadan is occurring once in the ninth month of Islamic year and it lasts 29 or 30 days. This number of days can be varied because it occurred based on moon sighting. So, the length of the month may change according to on Muslims location.

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Fasting during Ramadan has some specific and strict regulations and rules. Fasting helps to cleanse your body, mind as well as your soul from the world’s impurities. It also improves moral character and assists to focus on the positive to pray and become closer to Allah.

fasting during ramadan

Reasons for Breaking the Fasting

We always get some questions related to Ramadan. We want to be more specific then I can mention some of the list of things that break your fast.

  1. Does Bleeding Break Fast?

  2. Does vomiting Break Fast?

Here are the Answers to these Questions:

Fasting During Ramadan you might have to be sure that you are following the rules and regulation that are mentioned in The Quran and Hadith. Every Muslim has to have the pure intention to fast every night through Ramadan. Intention and refraining from turns that invalidate the fast means that the fast is effective.

Fast can be broken if someone eats, drinks smokes or engages in sexual intercourse, intentionally vomits, menstruates or bleeds through childbirth. There some other requirements to being able to fasting. Such as hit puberty and being sane. You should / can only be able to take medications in case of a life-threatening condition.

What You Can Do While Fasting

Question: Does Kissing Break Your Fast?

There are some regular activities those can be accepted while fasting. Such as, Muslim can shower, draw blood, breathe in different smells, rinse to mouth and nose. They can also have injections or suppositories, can apply deodorant, kiss or hug their wife, and apply eye drops.

Due to illness unintentionally vomiting can happen to someone that will not break the fast. If someone has the intention to fast and they take bath and brushing teeth then also fast will remain active. If someone feels the intention to break the fast but he does not follow through this intention then also fast will active.

Muslims must have to close their fasting at the proper time by either with odd numbers of dates or drinking water. But you have to consider one thing that a single sip of water breaks the fast.

Special Rewards of Ramadan

Every Muslims should make prayer and study or recite The Holy Quran throughout Ramadan to gain special rewards from Allah. Muslims should use miswaak, to clean their teeth. If that miswaak cannot be found then any other cleaning material will be enough. Now the word miswaak is a very popular word during Ramadan. It is a piece of root which usually found under a specific tree in the Arabian Headland.

Special Conditions When You Excusable From Fasting

Islamic scholars have found some scopes for those people who are not able to fast due to their sickness or different health conditions. Usually, the rules discussed above is for general Muslims who have no health problems or such kind of difficulties.

Fasting During Ramadan isn’t much of a regular caring term to mention but in the holy month of Ramadan you have to be sure about that you are following the do and not to do activities. Because these regulations are meant to keep the fasting and your sacrifice in a right way.

here are some usual procedures and specific cases for circumstances such as critical sickness and chronic health conditions for an occurrence. A pregnant woman who believes that fasting will harm her baby then he will be excused from fasting. There are some other people for whom fasting is excused such as, travelers, the elderly people and the insane.

But, those who are capable are expected to make up for missing the fasting when it is permissible. The poor can be excused but must ask forgiveness to Allah.

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