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Do you know “how to perform Salah”. This is very much important that you are performing salat according to the rules and regulation provided in the Holy Quran and Hadith. If you fail to perform as per requirement then you salat will not be accepted to Allah. This is why you must have knowledge about How To Perform Salat.

Performing Salat according to the Prayer Timings is very important for Muslims. Every Muslims Must have to follow the prayer timings. For every Muslim, daily five times of prayer known a Salat is a must. They are the most important prayer among others for Faith of Islam. How to Perform Salah is the way to know step by step formula of performing salat in a right way.

Prayers establish the faithfulness of Allah. This is the most effective opportunities to ask Allah’s guidance and forgiveness for Muslims. Salat also mentioned as a great reminder of the close connection that, Muslims community around the world share through their faithfulness and also shared rituals.

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The 5 Pillars of Faith

A Muslim must know that prayer is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. These guides tenets that every believer Muslim also must act accordingly:

  1. Shahadah: Reading the Islamic mantra of acceptance of Faith, known as the Kalimah (“There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad SAW is his messenger”).
  2. Salat: Daily Required Prayers and Salat Must be properly performed.
  3. Sawm: Ritual of Fasting performed during the Holy month of Ramadan.
  4. Hajj: Journey to Mecca, which is Islam’s most holy places. Where all Muslims Community must acquire at least once in their lifetime.
  5. Zakat: Giving to charity to the poor for every capable Muslim around the world.

Every Muslim represent their faithfulness by effectively performing the Five Pillars of Islam in their daily life. Salat, Daily Prayers is significantly the most visible act means of doing so.

How Do Muslims Pray?

As with other usual faiths, Muslims Must perform specific steps as part of their everyday prayers. Every Muslims who wants to perform salat must be clean of mind and of the body before performing prayer. Islamic Teaching needs before standing for prayer every Muslims to attach in this ritualistic washing of their faces, hands, feet arms, and legs known as Wudhu. Worshippers must need also be dressed modestly in clean clothing.

After completing these steps accordingly, it’s time to find a decent and divine place to perform prayer. This is why the steps are very important to perform salah and you can share this also to let your close people know how to perform salah in the right way.

Every Muslims should perform their prayer at Mosques. Because Mosques is such a place for Muslims where they can happily share their faith with others alongside. The only stipulation is that the action of prayers surely is said while facing in the direction of Kaaba. Which is the kiblah of Muslim Community? Kiblah situated in Mecca, eventually, it is the birthplace of Muhammad SAW the Last Prophet.

Steps of the Prayer: How To Perform Salat

Habitually, prayers are told while standing on a small prayer rug. Although using one isn’t required. But the Place must be purified and authenticated for prayer.

The Prayers are always recited in Arabic accordingly while performing salat. A series of spiritualized gestures and actions intended to glorify Allah and perform prayer known as Rakat. The Rakat is repeated two to four times each, based on the timings of the day. Here are the step by step formula for how to perform salah in the right way.

Takbir: Performing Salat a Muslim stand first, then raise their hands to shoulder high. Along with proclaiming Allahu Akbar. This “Allahu Akbar” is known as Takbir. The meaning of Allahu Akbar is “Allah is Great”.

Qiyaam: Muslim will stand still while performing Salat. A Faithful sign across their arm over their left across their chest or navel. The first Surah of the Quran must be read every Rakat of Salah. Some other Surah or Ayat shall be read as well.

Ruku: Muslims who perform salat will bow themselves toward Kaba, also place their hands on their knees. While they are in this position Muslims should read “Subhana Rabbi Al-Azim” Glory be to Allah, the Greatest. Muslims who perform Salat he will read this dua for at least 3 three times or more.

Second Qiyaam: Worshippers return again to standing position arms at their sides. While a Muslim getting back their standing position will say Takbeer – Allahu Akbar again.

Sujud: Every Muslim who performs Salat, will kneel with only palms, knees, toes, forehead, and nose shall touch the ground. This time worshippers will say “Subhana Rabbi Al A’la” Glory be to Allah, the Highest. This will be read for at least for three (3) times or more.

Step By Step How To Perform Salah

Most importantly every Muslim do sujud for two times in each Rakat of Salah.

To know how to perform salah you must know below steps and follow them to make it right.

Tashahhud: After every two rakats of Salat, Muslim will sit for some time facing their head to the place of sujud, hands-on laps. Sitting in this position Muslim will pray for their Allah by reading some Dua’s. This is a sensitive moment to pause and reflect on one’s prayer. Through this Tashahhud, the Muslims raise their right index finger briefly to state their devotion. Muslims also ask Allah for forgiveness and mercy.

Now if worshippers are performing their prayer communally. They will conclude their prayers with a short message of peace for one another. Muslims turn their face first to right and then to their left accordingly. They will say “Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah” for both right and left. The meaning of this dua is “Peace be upon you, and the mercy and blessings of Allah”.

Prayer Times:

In Muslim communities, people are remembered of the salat by the regular daily calls to prayer is known as Adhan / Azan. The Adhan / Azan is delivered from mosques by a Muezzin. There is a specific space for Muezzin to perform Adhan / Azan of calling Muslims for prayer. Perhaps You Must Know How To Perform Salah Step By Step Formula To Perform Salah in  the Perfect way.

Azan / Adhan Dua in English:

Allaahumma Rabba Haazihid Da’awatit Taam Mati Was Salaatil Qaiymati Aati Sayeedana Muhammada Nil Waseelata Wal Fadeelata Wad Darajatar Rafeea’ata Wab A’s Hu Maqamam Mahmooda Nil Lazi Wa A’t Tahoo War Zuqna Shafa A’tahu Yaomal Qiyamah. Innaka La Tukhliful Meea’ad.

(Raddul Muhtar, Bahare Shariyat)

English Translation of Azan / Adhan:

O’ Allah! The Sovereign Lord of the ever-establishing prayer and of this perfect call, grant our leader Hazrat Muhammad SAW (peace be upon him) “Al-Waseelah” (the loftiest position of intercession) and “Al-Fadeela” (the singular fee excellence), and the highest rank and elevate him to “Maqaam-e-Mahmood” (an exclusively praise-worthy primacy reserved only for the Holy Prophet) and bless us with his intercession on the Doomsday. Undoubtedly, You do not do anything against Your Promise.

Traditionally, the Adhan / Azan were made form the mosque’s minaret without amplification. Though many modern mosques use speakers so that the people can hear the adhan/azan more clearly and from more distance. The prayer times themselves are dictated according to the position of the Sun.

In venerable times, one solely looked at the sun to determine the timings of Salat at various times of the day. But nowadays there is some easier way to find the timings of salat. In modern days of technology, different types of copy like printed prayer schedules precisely appointed the beginning of each and every prayer time. There are many apps to assist you with the schedules of Salat for your smart devices.

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