Ramadan Kareem – Everything You Need To Know

Ramadahn Kareem is the month when Allah chains Iblish Saitan and his associates. So that, Muslims can perform and observe Ramadan properly. In this holy Month Allah forbids punishments in Grave. Allah the most graceful, the most merciful, the most powerful over the universe, waits for his servants prayer. Allah waits to forgive if any of his Bandah ask forgiveness. Let’s have a discussion about Ramadan Kareem.

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Ramadan Kareem

Muslim community around the globe waits for the arrival of the most important, the holiest month of the Arabic year. Ramadan Kareem is the ninth month of Islamic calendar. Muslim from around the world unites in the holy month. They unite for a certain period of fasting and spiritual acceptance.

Ramadan Kareem

Basics Informations

Every year, Muslims spend their times in the ninth month of Islamic calendar thinking a community growing fast. The fast of this month is considered as one of the “Five Pillars of Islam”. Muslims who are physically capable to are ordered to fast each day of the entire month. Fasting time starts at sunrise and finishes at sunset. Before sunset Muslim families got together to enjoy the closing of fasting. They spent their evening time with family and have meals. Engaging in prayer together and spiritual observation. They read from the holy Quran. Even Muslims completed the whole Quran by reading within this month.

Observation of the Fast of This Month

The fasting of this month has both physical health improvements as well as spiritual significance also. Beside this the moral requirements of the fasting, there are some additional and required practices. Those practices allow people to gain the most important benefit from this experience of fasting.

Some Essential Need for This Month

The holy month of Fasting is sensitive. There are some special rules for Muslims. Muslims may find it physically difficult for them to participate in the fasting.

Reading During The Holiest Month

The Initial verses of the Quran were established during this Holy Month. Allah said in the first verse of Quran was: “Read!” During the Holiest Month of the year. It is so important to gather knowledge of the Path of Islam. So, Every Muslims are cordially encouraged to read, learn and understand the Quran and reflect on Allah’s guidance.

Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr

After a month-long fasting in This Month, Muslim community celebrates the three days of Holiday which is known as “Eid Al-Fitr” (Festival of Fast-Breaking). Eid Al-Fitr is one of the most celebrating occasion for Muslim Community around the world.

This occasion is very much entertaining because Muslims are required to celebrate according to the way our beloved Prophet celebrated. In this celebration our prophet ask every Muslim to wear new dresses as well as visit the relative’s house and meet them as well as share food with them.

This festival bring joy to our life. After spending a month long sacrifice Allah gave us this festival as Niyamat for us. Our children feels happy in the day of celebration. Because they are sinless there are no sins in their mind. Allah feels happy when his servants are celebrating and enjoying also being obedient to him.

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This is the most significant month among the other month of Islamic Calendar. Because In this month The Holy Quran was arrived in this world. The month of fasting has different miraculous significance in every Muslim’s life. Because Muslims are required to perform prayers and rituals specially in this holy month.

We have tried to out together various significant topics regarding to the holy month of Ramadan Kareem. However, visit those links and read them to have a detailed idea about the activities and importance to perform them in this month.

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