Safety and Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting for Muslims


Ramadan Health Benefits – The abstinence is rigorous, specifically throughout long summer days once it’s going to be needed to limit all food and drink for as several as eighteen hours at a time. This strain could also be an excessive amount of for individuals with sure health conditions. Beside these Ramadan has great health benefits because Allah gives us Ramadan as Rahmat. After reading this article you will have a clear Idea about Ramadan Health issues and Ramadan Health Benefits.

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ramadan health benefits

Who is Excused From Fasting During Ramadan?


Ramadan Health Benefits: The Quran and Hadith instruct Muslim to fast throughout the month of Ramadan. But also gives clear exemptions for those who may become ill as a result of fasting:

But if any of you ill, or on a journey, the prescribed number “of Ramadan days” should be made up from days later. For those who cannot do this except with hardship is a ransom: the feeding of one that is indigent. Allah intends every ease for you. He does not want to put you to difficulties. [Quran 2:184-185]

ramadan health benefits

Ramadan Health Benefits

Ramadan Health Benefits: Ramadan has certain health benefits. Scientists now accepted that one month of Fasting is really helpful for your mental and physical health. We have made some lists of the Benefits of Ramadan.

  • It Gives Vital Organs a Complete Rest
  • It Promotes Elimination of Metabolic Wastes
  • It Allows the Body to Adjust and Normalize Its Biochemistry Also Its Secretions
  • It Lets The Body Break Down and Absorb Swellings, Deposits, Diseased Tissues, and Abnormal Growths
  • It Restores a Youthful Condition To The Cells and Tissues
  • It Increases The Powers of Digestion and Assimilation: Absorption and Utilization of Food Into the System.

Tips For Healthy Eating During Ramadan

Here are some Beneficial Tips and Suggestions for Diet In Ramadan. Because It is very important to maintain healthy eating in Ramadan while fasting. If you would follow these I can ensure that there will be no health issues with you in Ramadan.

  • Eat Slow, Especially at Iftar to Avoid Indigestion
  • Eat Fiber-Rich Foods Like Fruits and Vegetables
  • Avoid Eating Foods That are High in Sugar, or Deep Fried
  • Drink Plenty of Water with Meals, and Before Sleeping
  • Avoid Consuming Coffee or Tea Before Fasting

Fasting and Your Health

Ramadan Health Benefits: Preceding to Ramadan, a Muslim must always refer to doctors concerning the security of abstinence in individual circumstances. Some health conditions could also be improved throughout abstinence, whereas others may well deteriorate. If you opt that abstinence might presumably be harmful in your state of affairs, you have got 2 options:

  • If your problem is a temporary, not choice, condition you may make up the fast (a day for a day) at a later time when your health gets better.
  • If your problem is a permanent or chronic condition, you may make a donation to charity in lieu of fasting. The amount should be enough to feed one person a day, for each fasting day that is missed.

There is no ought to feel guilty concerning taking care of your health desires throughout Ramadan. These exceptions exist in the Quran for a reason, as Allah knows best what issues we may face. Even if one is not fasting, one can feel part of the Ramadan understanding through other areas of worship. Such as offering additional prayers, inviting friends and family for evening meals, reading the holy Quran, or donating to Charity.


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