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Shab E Barat 2019 | Date, Time & Detailed Information On Mid-Sha’ban (Explained)

Shab E Barat 2019 is one of the most observed events in Muslim Community nowadays. Some of the Islamic Scholars Says that, on this night Allah Subhanaua Ta’alaa sends the army of Angles to distribute luck to us. That’s why we celebrate this night. There are other conceptions also there about this night. We’re going to discuss about this in today’s post here.

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu. Shab e Barat is considered as a holy day in the particular community of Muslims. Though there are so many arguments and doubts about this day.

The day celebrated mostly in the middle of the Arabic month of Sha’ban which known as Nisfu Sya’ban. This day is also known as laylat-al-Barat.

There are so many misconceptions and ignorance available among the Muslims who celebrate this day and who do not celebrate this day. I want you to know the truth of this day and to make a decision whether it is right to revel in the way you are celebrating this long or you should not celebrate this day.

What We Are Going To Read Next

I will discuss step by step from the brief information about this day. Then I will address the misconceptions and ignorance about this day. So, that you can distinguish what is right and what is wrong. I believe every Muslim has the interest to know the correct info about Islam religion. At least I think so. But there is not much information available where you can get everything about a topic.

Due to this, I intend to collect all necessary information and references available regarding Shab e Barat in one detailed article. I hope you will be happy to share this after reading the whole article with your Muslim brothers and sisters. If you find any wrong information in this article, please let me know by commenting in the comment section below the article. So, Let’s begin the Journey.

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Shab E Barat 2019

What is Shab e Barat

Shab e Barat is found as a holy day celebrated by the different community of Muslims on the night of 14th or 15th Sha’ban the Islamic month. The night is regarded as the night of deciding the luck of the creation of the universe for upcoming years. The night is also considered as the night when Allah may forgive the sins occurred by his nature. Muslims of specific community arrange different types of obsertion regarding this night. Different kinds of prayers performed to pray Allah to seek forgiveness for their sins.

Though there is no specific time to seek forgiveness from Allah. A Muslim can ask forgiveness for his sin at any time. He can ask while he is praying, while he was sitting, while he is walking and so on. But there are some days and nights when Allah rewards for those who perform special prayers for only Allah. There are certain rituals which are just meant for Allah’s Happiness.

There is another concept about this day which is, Shia Muslims are celebrating this day for the birthday of Muhammad Al-Mahdi. As per Wikipedia, Some Salafi streams oppose the recognition of Mid-Sha’ban as exceptional.

This night is also found to be known as, Laylat al-Barat, Mid Sha’ban, Nim Sha’ban, Nisf-u-Sha’ban, Shop-e-Borat, Shabe Barat, etc.

What is Shab e Barat in Islam

What I am going to tell now it may not seems friendly to those who are celebrating this Shab e Barat for this long. But this is on the basis of good research on this day according to Quran and Hadith. We will discuss in a more descriptive way in this article. You will find the truth behind this statement when you will finish the article.

The Statement: There is no hard evidence in Islam that can approve that, Shab e Barat is a proved Islamic Holy day. There is no discussion about this day in both Quran and Hadith.

I know you are pretty much confused with this statement of Me. You will know very well after the conclusion. So, Please Continue reading the whole article. This is why I have written this article to the specific point. So that, You can find the right information about this day according to Quran and Hadith.

shab e barat history, Shab e Barat 2019, Shab e Barat in India, Shab e Barat in Pakistan, Shab e Barat in London, Shab e Barat in USA, Shab e Barat Images
history of shab e barat

Shab e Barat History

There is no specific history which indicates to this specific day.  But yes, there are certain practices which were performed by Rasul Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and Sahaba Radiallahu Ta’ala Anhum. They always performed some nafl prayer which was declared as optional prayers. These optional prayers perform in this night. But they weren’t said ever that this prayer is a must do prayer.

They perform this prayer to praise the greatness of Allah. They observed these prayers in the last part of every night. There is no restriction to perform this prayer, but Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam always said that, obey the orders of Allah and the guidance of the Prophet. But some believers spread this prayer as a must do prayer. As a result, people to people are getting varied their meaning of language, and this optional prayer got spread in the air. People accepted the prayer as essential prayer. This is the actual history of Shab e Barat.

Shab e Barat in Quran

There is no specific indication that can imply that Shab e Barat is a special night for Muslim. Though some people mention a verse from Quran as a reference to the Night of Shab e Barat. Which is,

“Surah al-Dukhan (44:3-4) there is a reference to this night as Allah says”, “We sent it (the Qur’an) down during a blessed night. We are truly warners. In that night is made distinct every affair of wisdom”.

But this is found to be irrelevant because we can know from

Surah al-Qadr (97), Allah specifically said that the Qur’an was revealed on the night of Qadr and we also know from

The Qur’an (Al-Baqarah 2:185) that the Qur’an was revealed in the month of Ramadan.

So it is obvious that the night of the revelation of the Qur’an was in Ramadan, not Sha’ban, and that it was Laylatul Qadr, not Shab e Barat (or the Sha’ban night).

Let’s read furthermore to know the truth behind this observation of Shab e Barat.

Where Shab e Barat observe the Most

Shab e Barat is celebrated in countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Kirghizstan. Indian People Celebrates this night in their cultural proceedings Shab e Barat in Hindi.

Pakistani people celebrate this night with their specific rituals Shab e Barat in Urdu. Like this way, every country who celebrates this night has their way to celebrate, but the goal is same which is to satisfy Allah and his Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. Because of the geo-location changes the observation may vary place to place.

Some say that the way of celebrating any Festival can be different depending on the geo-location and the language differences. Because this two factor changes the living system of Human and all the other species. But the way of observation is similar to each other. Because as being Muslim, they always have to follow the ordinance of Islam. This is why All Muslim follows the rituals regarding any observation.

shab e barat prayers, Shab e Barat 2019, Shab e Barat in India, Shab e Barat in Pakistan, Shab e Barat in London, Shab e Barat in USA, Shab e Barat Dua, Shab e Barat Images
shab e barat prayers & dua

Download Shab e Barat Images For Free

The observation of Shab e Barat 2019

We already know the region where this night celebrates the most. We also know the way of observation can differ place to place. So, now we are going to know that how people of these region celebrates the night of Shab e Barat. We also know that the salafies have no interest to celebrate this night.

There is some Sufi follower who is celebrating this night with some specific rituals, and also these people are in the community of Shia Muslim. Sunni Muslims are celebrating this night just 15 days before the Ramadan starts. Some Muslims in Indonesia perform traditional zikr to celebrate this night. In Iraq elder, people give candies and sweets to children as a gift and to celebrate this night with happiness. There is a tradition noticed in Muslim community who celebrates Shab e Barat, they make sweets and Halwa and distribute these to the poor people from various places.

Shab e Barat Date 2019 In Islamic Calendar, Shab e Barat 2019, Shab e Barat in India, Shab e Barat in Pakistan, Shab e Barat in London, Shab e Barat in USA, Shab e Barat Images
Shab E Barat Date in Islamic Calendar

Shab e Barat 2019 Date in Islamic Calendar

We have discussed this several times in our article that when Shab e Barat is observing. But this information is for those who want to celebrate and to know when is the exact date and time to celebrate Shab e Barat this year. I mean, when Shab e Barat date 2019 will observed? I am giving here the date for this year as well as for the next few years and the last few years. So, you can find the differences between the dates celebrated this night.

YearStarts AtEnds At
2016 Began in the Evening of Sunday, May 22 Ended in the Evening of Monday, May 23
2017 Began in the Evening of Wednesday, May 10 Ended in the Evening of Thursday, May 11
2018 Began in the Evening of Tuesday, May 01 Ended in the Evening of Wednesday, May 02


Will Begin in the Evening of Saturday, April 20

Will End in the Evening of Sunday, April 21

2020 Will Begin in the Evening of Wednesday, April 08 Will End in the Evening of Thursday, April 09
2021 Will Begin in the Evening of Sunday, March 28 Will End in the Evening of Monday, March 29
2022 Will Begin in the Evening of Friday, March 18 Will End in the Evening of Saturday, March 19
2023 Will Begin in the Evening of Tuesday, March 07 Ends in the Evening of Wednesday, March 08
2024 Will Begin in the Evening of Saturday, February 24 Will End in the Evening of Sunday, February 25
2025 Will Begin in the Evening of Thursday, February 13 Will End in the Evening of Friday, February 14

All Dates Can Be Changed According To The Islamic Calendar & Moon

There are some other Islamic Festival is available, and those are very significant. Please find those Islamic Festival Date Here

Misconceptions & Clearance

There are some major misconceptions available about this day. Here is the list of them.

  • Going to the Mosque for special prayer in this night is Bidah. Because there is no such indication available based on that we can prove the special prayer of this night is Sunnah.
  • Make gatherings in the mosque for Sunnah Prayer or other special prayer regarding this night is Bidah as well as Makruh. Because there is no proof for this type of gatherings in both Quran and Hadith.
  • Believing that In this night the luck will be decided is Bidah. This is more serious bidah for Muslim because this wrong belief can harm your akidah and Iman. So Please Be aware of anything before believe. At least check the regarding Hadith and Quran.

Perform Swam after this night is Bidah. Because The Hadith regarding this Swam is in the state of Fabricated or Wrong Hadith.

Misbeliefs About Laylat-Al-Barat

There are some misbeliefs and rumors are available in our community. Here are some rumors and misbeliefs about this night which we should be aware of.

  • Some Muslims from certain community believe that the spirits (Arwah) of the deceased visit their relatives during this night.
  • Some Muslim Community believes that there is a special Tree in the heaven upon the leaves of the tree the names of all human beings are written, and whatever leaves drop during this night, those people are intended to die in this year.
  • Some think that the decisions about the life and death of people are made during this night. This means that the luck of the human for next year is decided in this night.
  • Some think that as in this night the luck will be decided so having some good food and share foods with other in this special night will affection t decision of luck.

All these beliefs and superstitions do not belong to the authentic teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

What is Truth About Mid Sha’ban Night

There is only one indication about this night of Nisfu Sha’ban or Middle of Sha’ban, and which is, Allah came to down earth on this night and forgave all creation without only two types of creations. And they are,

  • Those who compare Allah with other things.
  • Those who have Jealousy in their heart.

Only this two types of species from the whole creation will not be forgiven. All the rest creation will be forgiven, Inshah Allah. Allah knows the best.

The most Important thing of Shab E Barat

If you don’t perform any special rituals in this night and you do not belong to those two types of creation. Then it can wish that you will be forgiven, Inshah Allah. In the other way, if you do lots of special prayer in this night, you awake the whole night and perform prayer and done other things also. But you intentionally belong to those two types of creation then you will not be forgiven. Because Allah does not like those two types of creation.

What Can Be Done In This Night of Shab E Barat

There are some regular prayer and observations a Muslim can perform in this night as well as in the whole Month of Sha’ban.

We all now know that the indication of the specific night of this month is Nisfu Sha’ban. Here are some activities those can be performed in this holy month and this holy night of Nisfu Sha’ban.

  • If A Muslim has a habit of performing some Sunnah Salat, then he can perform that in the home alone like other night.
  • If A Muslim has a habit of Recite Quran and Hadith, then he can recite in the way he used to.
  • If A Muslim has a habit of pray to Allah for Forgiveness and to recover his difficulties from Allah, then he can perform those prayers on this night like he did other nights.
  • If A Muslim has a habit of performing Tahajjud Prayer in the last part of the night, then he can perform the prayer in the usual way he has done before.

Some other prayer or swimming can be performed in this month such as,

  • In every Arabic Month the 13th, 14th, and 15th day Performing Swam is a Sunnah. So that, every Muslim should perform these Swam in every month of the Islamic Year.
  • Rasul Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam performed much swam in this month of Sha’ban than other months. So that, Every Muslim should Perform more swam in this month than other months.

Besides these, there are no other observations and prayers in this month and this night as well. So, other than this prayer, if someone performs any special observations and prayer will be marked as Bidah. Allah knows the best.

What do We Find After This Research

We should always follow the activities of Rasul Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and perform those. We should always love what Rasul SAW has done and suggested to do. Because Rasul SAW always done those activities which are suggested by Allah himself. He didn’t do anything which is not suggested by Allah Subhanaua Ta’la. Allah always instructed Muhammed SAW what to do and what not to do.

Always read the Quran and the Hadith to find any solution. You will have your answer if you read the Quran and Hadith properly. There is nothing those are not solved in the Quran or the Hadith. So, Please follow what Rasul SAW gave us.

Muhammed SAW said in the Speech of Biday Hajj that, I am giving you two things, which are the Quran and the Sunnah. Whoever hold them properly he will not be misguided ever. We should remember these speeches. We should only follow these two books.

Where We End This Discussion

We have reached the end of the article. I wish that you would find in the article what you should know about Shab e Barat, Nisfu Sha’ban or Middle of the Sha’ban. I wish that you can now understand what you are suggested that what you should do in this night as well as in this whole month of Sha’ban.

Please always remember one thing that for Islam there are nothing but the Quran and the Hadith as well as the Sunnah of Rasul SAW. So my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Pray for me. So that I can regularly share this type of vital information regarding Islam with you. I will pray for you and the whole Muslim Community that, May Allah show mercy for all of us. Jajhakallahu Khair. Let us Celebrate with full of devoteness and piousness in this Shab e Barat 2019.

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