Taraweeh Prayer


Taraweeh Prayer: When the holy month of Ramadan Initiates, Muslims get entered into a time of discipline and worships. Which is fasting in the daytime and making prayer throughout the day and night? In Ramadan, special evening prayers are performed which long portions of the Quran are recited. This specific prayer is hugely known as Taraweeh.

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Taraweeh Prayer

History and Origins of Tarawih

Taraweeh the word originates from an Arabic word which means to relaxation and diminishes. The Hadith specify that the Prophet Muhammad SAW directed his followers in evening prayer on the 25th, 27th and also 29th nights of the Month Ramadan, in the time after the Isha prayer.


Ever since then, this has a tradition and a worm traditional ritual during the evening time of Ramadan. However, Tarawih is not rewarded as compulsory. But the Hadith also documented that the Prophet discontinued this prayer for the reason that he precisely did not want it to become compulsory. But Still, it is a preferred as an important ritual amongst modern Muslims throughout Ramadan to present day. Taraweeh performed by most of the individuals of Muslim Community. For Muslim Community, it strengthens the sense of individual religiousness and togetherness.

Taraweeh Prayer Method

This prayer can be very long (well over an hour or more), throughout which one stands upright to read from the Quran and performs as many rakats as 20. But after every two rakats you have to close cycles and after every four (4) rakats one sits for a small break and while taking a break they the read a ritual like Dua before continuing again. Due to this rest, the name of this prayer is Taraweeh (“rest prayer”).

Taraweeh Prayer Dua

taraweeh prayer dua

During performing Taraweeh, in every Rakats of Salat, long section verses of the Quran are read. As we know that Quran is divided into 30 parts known as Juz. Taraweeh is now a trendy tradition that in the Ramadan Muslims completed reading and listening to the whole Quran during the Prayer of Taraweeh.

This is traditionally recommended that every Muslims attend the Taraweeh prayer in the mosque to perform tarawih in a congregation. This is allowed for both men and women. Though, one may also perform this prayer alone at home.

This prayer is intended but is strongly recommended and widely performed. To Perform the prayer together at the mosque is told to greatly expand the feeling of togetherness in the Muslim community.

Taraweeh 8 or 10?

There has been some argument about how many rakats is supposed to be: 8 or 20 rakats? It is without dispute, though, that when praying the Taraweeh prayer in the mosque, one should start and end in unity with the imam’s leadership. Observing the same number that he performs. Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan is a blessing and one should not argue with this valuable point.

Ending Words About Taraweeh Prayer

Taraweeh prayer is one of the most significant gifts of Ramadan for Muslim Community. Because Extra Ibadah for Allah is always being a good deed for Muslims. Muslims perform this prayer only to make happy Allah. Allah Always feels happy when his Worshippers do something special to make him Happy.


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