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What To Do In Ramadan, have you ever think about a to do routine in the holy month of Ramadan? There’s a lot of important things to do in Ramadan. Because In this holy month what prayer you perform for Allah will help you to get the Satisfaction of Allah. Allah would accept each and every dua you make to get forgiveness. Ramadan is blessings of Allah For the Muslim Community all over the world. Today in this post we’re going to discuss about what can be done in Ramadan and how to do Ramadan activities in an effective way.

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There’s a lots of saying by different Islamic Scholars of Islam about what to do during Ramadan. From Quran and Hadith, also from the discussion of Islamic Scholars we’ve come up with a complete detailed article on what to do during Ramadan. let’s have a look.


What to Do In Ramadan: Ramadan is one of the most merciful months in the Islamic Calendar. In this month Allah sent Quran as a Guidance of Muslim Community. Allah has given special Prayers for this month. Allah has announced forgiveness for them who will ask for it in this holy month. Today we are going to discuss about to activity list Muslim Should Follow in This Holy Month. Here’s a complete list of things to do in Ramadan.

  1. Reading Quran
  2. Practicing Dua
  3. Building Relationships
  4. Making oneself a True Muslim
  5. Giving Charity
  6. Stop Wasting Time


What to Do In Ramadan: Throughout the Ramadan, there are plenty of activities that you can do to explore the strength of your faith. Fasting keeps you healthy, and you can get chance to participate in own community activities. Follow this to-do list to make use of the holy month of Fasting. Let’s have a look on to do list in Ramadan.

  • Reading Quran
what to do in ramadan

Reading Quran every day is a big prayer itself. Usually, true Muslims read Quran regularly as per their routine. They Read Quran as like they work in places. But In the holy month of Ramadan, there is a special guidance to read the Holy Quran completely. Reading Quran has some great significance.

As Quran was revealed in the Holy Ramada so in this month it being like a Tradition to Read the complete Quran verse by verse. It is also very effective if someone read the Quran with Translation to better understand. Muslim families request their family members to at least complete the reading of whole Quran in the Holy Month.

  • Practicing Dua’s in Ramadan
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What to Do on Ramadan: Remembering Dua and Reading it in mind is a great Ibadah in Islam. True Muslim read Dua’s in their mind while they working, walking, cooking, or doing something else. Before and after every activity there is at least one dua for Muslim to read. If someone read dua before any good work and also usual work but not bad work then he gets some sawab (reward in Islam) for the work he was doing.

But in Ramadan there are some special dua’s those should read and practice by every Muslim. Dua’s are basically to remember Allah, asking forgiveness to him, asking blessings from Allah. Dua’s are given chance for a Muslim to actively asking something he wants from a close space to Allah.

A Muslim can do Dua’s for himself or someone he loves, care. He can ask forgiveness for them also through Dua’s. He can ask guidance, mercy from Allah for his life through Dua’s. Most importantly, Dua can be done in your own language, own understanding. There is no specific procedure for performing Dua’s.

  • Keep and Build Relationships with your Loved ones
what to do in ramadan

What to Do In Ramadan: Ramadan is one of the most significant events for the Muslim community. There are no barriers Muslim follows in this month. From every corner of the world, Every Muslims fast together in this month. All Muslim community follows the same rule for Fasting. They celebrate the one-month long occasion of Ramadan together.

Today in this post we’re going to discuss about a definite guide of Ramadan To Do List for you. Because this month is very divine month. Allah SWT said, “Ramadan is Only For Me and I Will Give The Reward To Them Whoever Observe it Correctly”. So, that’s why we’ve develop a to do list for Ramadan so that you can understand that what to do in this holy month of Ramadan.

This is why this month is appropriate for building relationships through your community. You can build relationships by making interaction with each other of your community. You can invite them for Iftar (fast-breaking event). You can discuss about Islam with them. Muslims are meant to share each other’s thought and each other’s good deeds with each other. More you interact with others in your community the more you can be able to build a better relationship with them.

  • Explore Islam To Restore Yourself
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What to Do In Ramadan: As we know that this holy Ramadan comes only once in every year with great significance and allow us to get closeness to Allah. So, this is the perfect time to reintroduce yourself as a human being and to identify areas in need of change.

Generally, we all human make lots of mistakes and develop many bad habits within us. Do you ever try to speak a lot about those people? Tell straight lies when it’s just as easier to speak only the truth? Turn your eyes when you should lower your gaze? Do you become angry so easily? Do you regularly sleep while Fajr Prayer? If you are developing these bad habits in your life then this is the time, to be honest with yourself.

So that, you can make just one thing in this month. Do not ever force harder to try to change everything at once. Because if you force to change everything all at once it will much harder to maintain for yourself. The Prophet Muhammad SAW always advised us to make small improvements and make this practice with consistent. Small improvements are better than huge but unsuccessful attempts. So, let’s start with only one chance and after that go on to next one.

  • Give in Charity
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What to Do In Ramadan: Giving charity is always a good practice to increase good-being in oneself. Though we think charity is a matter of money but it is a wrong idea. Charity is not only about the money. Charity is just to give in what you have that you can donate.

It can be some cloths or some quality foods. It also can be some quality time you spend to help a local community organization as a volunteer. Zakat is also a great charity for every Muslim. If you give Zakat in this holy month then you can do your calculations to find out how much you have to pay this year. You can donate you Zakat amounts to some reliable Islamic charities. So that, they can use your donations to use for the needy people.

  • Bypass Wasting Your Time on Trivialities
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What to Do In Ramadan: Around us, there are many time-worsening distractions, throughout the Ramadan and the year. Fro the different type of “Ramadan soap plays” to shopping sales, and we could plainly spend hours doing nothing but just spending. We’ll also discuss about Ramadan dua list for you to have a complete understanding how to make Allah satisfy in this holy month of Ramadan.

If you have any question like who does Ramadan? then I want to say that, Ramadan is Essential Activity for Every Muslim around the globe. No Muslim can disobey this order unless they are experiencing specific difficulties during the holy month of Ramadan.

These activities kill our time and money also. There is no benefit to spending time like this. Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, one should try to restrict those activities and reschedule your time to arrange more time for reading the holy Quran, doing more worship and accomplishing more of the other activities Above “Ramadan To Do List.” The Month of Fasting only comes once in a year, and we should use this holy month wisely. Because we never know when our last fasting will be.

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